Alamak! Esok oral QURAN! I’m not ready yet! am i dreaming or what? is it really tomorrow oral? MAAAAAKKKK, TOLONG!!!!!! tpi tkpe.. insyaAllah i’ll try best to pass my oral.. so, tomorrow will be insya’ & Al-Quran! hahaah.. currently now i’m focus on Quran only.. insyak mcm mls nk blaja.. hahahah.. rabakrabak! hahahaha.. kk. tc evyone! see ya! :D

Hoooray! I’m happy!

Olla evryone! ouhk sekian lame i tak jgk nie tumblr, banyak perubahan! hahaha, ape perubahan dhe pon i tk tawu?! hahaha.. ape jek! haahahaha.. ok, diam! so, now i donoe why i’m veri happy to the max! hahaha.. i feel like sumting interesting going to happen tomorrow! whywhywhy?! is it bcoz of ……………. hahaha, SPECUNIQ  je yg tawu!

  k, got nothing much to say.. so, see uu nxt tym! ily <3 ! take care!!!!!

DAMN boring !

ARRRGGGH ! today really mepek day ! ade ke my mom kasi maen computer 2 jam je ? wth ! thn die suro dengar dienye story yg buat myself stress thinking of her problem ! selesaikan sendiri uhh !

GOGOGOGOGOGO wak tanjong ! wee ~

Hello everyone !

Today very happy and tankfull bcoz alhamdulillah yesterday wak tanjong won captains ball for both senior and junior ! wee~ but cannot so happy coz not end yet .. coming up badminton and netball and follow by track event ! so , i juz wanna wish all the best to MADRASAH WAK TANJONG AL ISLAMISH ! that’s all ! nothing much to say ! bye tumblrs , tc !


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